Design & Intent Ministries

Parents/Loved Ones

Perhaps you know the story of the prodigal child in Luke chapter 15. Maybe you feel like you are living that story right now. Your son or daughter has told you they identify as ‘gay.’ Your heart feels stretched beyond what seems bearable and sometimes the bond feels forever severed.

What do you do when a loved one tells you they are ‘gay’? What do you do in the midst of the complexity of your own emotions?

You are not alone. Design and Intent is here to help. Four times a month parents and loved ones meet to share the burdens of their load. Our goal: Build and strengthen relationship with our gay-identified love one.


“I need this support group because I need to be a whole person. I need to know what Jesus wanted to do in my life in the midst of my child’s ‘coming out.’ I need a place of encouragement and accountability. I need a place that lets me belong without having to perform, share my thoughts and feelings and love my child like Jesus.”

Contact the office for information on our Loved Ones Support Groups